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As the owner of Cake Design By Becky, based out of Southampton, Hampshire, I believe everyone should be able to share in the joy of cake! My passion is baking and making wedding and celebration cakes, specialising in Free-From baking. As someone with food intolerance’s myself, baking to accommodate different allergies and intolerance’s without compromising on taste and texture has become a passion for me.

I have a 5-star food hygiene rating, level 2 food hygiene training and am food allergen trained. I specialise in catering for food intolerance’s, including (but not limited to) gluten and dairy-free, for NO EXTRA COST. Everyone should have equal opportunity for delicious cake!

I’ve been really touched by the comments I’ve received from clients — especially free-from clients who usually miss out on so much — and have always felt it isn’t fair that people be charged more and penalised for their food intolerance/allergy, which is why I bake all of my gluten and dairy free cakes for absolutely no extra cost.

It has really inspired me to know how much a simple gesture of a cake can mean to people sometimes. It truly does signify more than just a mixture of eggs, sugar, and flour; it is an opportunity to celebrate something or someone special and share in that joyful moment with the people you love.

I create custom cake designs tailored to exactly what you want in both design and taste. My goal is to bring everyone’s cake dreams to reality.

Let’s bring your dream cake to life together!

Three tire wedding cake by Becky's Kitchen


one tier wedding cake with cream roses

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Cake design and maker based in Southampton Hampshire

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Gluten free (with no extra cost)

Dairy free (with no extra cost)

Other dietary requirements can be catered for so please enquire for details


Lemon and elderflower sponge with lemon curd

Lemon and blueberry sponge with blueberry jam

White chocolate and raspberry

Orange sponge with blackcurrant jam

Fresh strawberry infused sponge with strawberry jam

Lemon with raspberry jam

Victoria sponge with jam

Salted caramel

Cookies and cream – rich dark chocolate with creamy buttercream filling

and many more at your request…




Nicole F


“What a lovely birthday cake. I nearly cried when I saw it with joy when I saw it (and then again when I tasted it). I used to be a massive foodie and I’ve really missed being able to partake in a lot of things since my intolerance’s have flared up. This cake was so amazingly tasty and it looked stunning… it matched my dress as well! It was such a special cake, thank you so so much Becky”

Launa M


“Thank you so much for baking my babyshower cake. It was sooo delicious and people did not even realize it was gf! The decoration was absolutely beautiful and I loved the little fondant bear, thank you!!”

Kayleigh S

Letterbox brownies with message
Gluten and dairy free letterbox brownies

I also sell letterbox brownies, cookies and biscuits, please either contact me directly or order through my Etsy shop

Gluten and dairy free wedding cake by Cake Design by Becky