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FREE from is still DELICIOUS

About DeliciouslyFreeCupcake

My love of baking begun when I was a child. I have loads of fond memories of baking with my grandparents which I’ll cherish for ever! Now, I often find myself having to bake things myself if I want to be able to enjoy some of the tasty foods I crave. But that’s fine, as I really enjoy the challenge of developing new recipes and turning my old favourites into gluten, dairy or low FODMAP alternatives. 

Rebecca K.

Owner of DeliciouslyFreeCupcake

I am also owner of Cake Design By Becky, based out of Southampton, Hampshire. I bake wedding and celebration cakes, specialising in Free-From baking. As someone with food intolerance’s myself, baking to accommodate different allergies and intolerance’s without compromising on taste and texture has become a passion for me. I believe everyone should be able to share in the joy of cake! 

one tier wedding cake with cream roses